Impact Investing with Returns


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AlphaSource Advisors is a woman-led impact investment advisory with a holistic landscape approach to sustainable development. Our mission is to drive impact and returns with climate-smart technologies, private debt, and Verified Emissions Reductions to combat deforestation, reverse land degradation, create sustainable livelihoods, and protect endangered wildlife.

We follow all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the Paris Agreement in 2015 with a particular focus on the following:


Global Impact - Landscape Conservation - REDD+

  • Landscape approach providing investors with market-based, uncorrelated, global, diversified returns

  • Next generation technological approach to climate-smart commodities and forest conservation

  • Access to best-of-breed forest conservation developers with years of experience and trust within their communities

  • Extensive pipeline of vetted projects and verified emission reductions (VERs)

  • Proven program design by Wildlife Works adhering to internationally recognized standards such as the VCS* and CCBS**

  • Scalable strategy

*Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) **Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCRA)


Asset Breakdown


REDD+ stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, it is a United Nations program designed to protect forests, the climate, and communities.


Enhanced Impact – Sustainable Solutions – Market Returns

  • Trusted Partnerships

    Our partners have earned the trust of communities and have demonstrated respect for their culture and values

  • Scalable Strategy

    Our landscape approach provides uncorrelated, global, and diversified returns

  • Woman-Led Impact

    We introduce a multiplier effect when women are fully included in the decision making process

  • Technological Approach

    By introducing climate-smart agricultural technologies, we will improve resistance to droughts and floods to help reverse the unprecedented loss of arable land

  • Access to Large-Scale Customers

    With access to the engaged value-chain off-takers, we can measure and manage impact with acute accuracy across geographies

  • Boots-on-the-Ground
    Due Diligence

    Partners with local knowledge and presence to provide real-time reporting


Holistic Coordination - Active Due Diligence - Trusted Strength

  • We support the nationally led REDD+ processes to promote the informed and meaningful involvement of all stakeholders, including indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent communities, in national and international REDD+ implementation.

  • Wildlife Works brings technical expertise in large scale REDD+ and landscape interventions that reduce pressure on forests. The measure of the alliance’s success will be how many hectares of forest are saved and how many tons of emissions avoided.

  • InfiniteEarth provides environmental offsets and private label CSR solutions to companies across the globe. They develop and actively manage conservation land and REDD+ forest-carbon projects.

  • The Rainforest Alliance has a transformative network of 1.4 million farmers, highly-trained in sustainable land management practices, across 45.9 million hectares of certified farms and forestlands in 74 countries that deliver commodities to the global marketplace.

  • USAID works to leverage the power of the global marketplace to help bring about an end to extreme poverty by offering risk-mitigating instruments to private capital.