Press Release – AlphaSource Advisors LLC to Co-Chair Global Assets and Wealth (GAW) Initiative Forum in Singapore


AlphaSource Advisors LLC with Global Assets and Wealth (GAW) Initiative and will Co-Chair the GAW Forum in Singapore

New York August 8, 2018 – AlphaSource Advisors, a leading Impact Investment Manager, has announced a partnership today with the Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW) with Platinum Circle, the world’s leading business group involving corporations with annual revenues exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organisations from Asia, Oceania, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and Latin America.

The GAW Initiative’s objective is to drive greater collaboration and cooperation in building future economic, business and social wealth. Within it, AlphaSource Advisors is an expert voice on environmental and social impact investments and climate-smart supply chains for impact and sharing its insights through the GAW Initiative, Forums and Workshops.

AlphaSource’s Managing Partner, Noelle-Claire LeCann, will serve as a Co-Chair for the GAW Forum in Singapore on 31 August. She will be discussing how impact investments can enhance returns and improve diversification in portfolios as well as the opportunities for uncorrelated returns and lower risk through blended capital structures with over 200 business and government leaders as well as accredited investors. “I’m delighted and honored to Co-Chair the GAW Forum in Singapore to discuss the synergistic potential of impact investing to a broad, diverse and influential audience,” said LeCann.

“We are delighted to have AlphaSource Advisors as a Partner and Co-Chair for the GAW Initiative and the GAW Forum in Singapore,” said Lionel Lee, Chairman of Platinum Circle. “AlphaSource Advisors shares insights that create real solutions for the environment, poverty, social injustice and protecting wildlife while generating market returns for investors with our institutional leaders, policy makers and high net worth individuals gathering from the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia to Singapore. As a leader in the Impact Investing space, Ms LeCann is well placed to help us understand the best ways to leverage and invest in this area”.

AlphaSource Advisors is also recognised as a member of Platinum Circle and its Community of over 1,800 private and public sector organisations representing impact focused investment and funds from the US.

The GAW Forum is Singapore is a two-day closed door meeting that brings a distinct peer group of decision makers from corporations, governments and IGOs in addition to wealthy individuals and families from the Platinum Circle Community and invited guests together on 31 August and 1 September 2018. Limited access may be available through nomination by AlphaSource Advisors or contacting Platinum Circle via the GAW website at:

About AlphaSource Advisors: AlphaSource Advisors is an asset manager focused on producing market-rate returns through environmentally and socially responsible investments. Technology and market-based approaches, such as climate-smart commodities, Blockchain, and the United Nations REDD+ Framework offer effective approaches to applying innovative market-based solutions to reduce greenhouse gasses while reducing investment risk.

About Platinum Circle: Platinum Circle is the world’s leading business group consisting of over 1,800 corporations with annual turnover exceeding USD100 million, governments and intergovernmental organisations representing more than 20 industries and 90 markets across the 6 continents. The Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW) galvanises the Platinum Circle Community worldwide to identify and engage opportunities and challenges at international, country and organisation levels to build future economic, business and social wealth. It also invites investors, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, technologists, fund managers, regulators, policy makers, philanthropists and high net worth individuals from across industries and markets interested in doing more business, building more assets and creating more economic, business and social wealth together with Platinum Circle. Learn more at:

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